IP, Domain Lookup
IP, Domain Lookup
  WHOIS - IP, Domain Lookup - Primary Registrars
ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers)
AfriNIC (African Network Information Centre)
APNIC (Asia Pacific Network Information Centre)
LACNIC (Latin-American and Caribbean IP Address Registry)
RIPE (Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre)
InterNIC Registry Whois Search
U.S. Government (.GOV) Domain Registration and Services
  WHOIS - IP, Domain Lookup - Other
Top Level Domains (Country Codes) - IANA
Netcraft Web Site Finder
EasyDNS easywhois
Hexillion AutoWhois
Network Solutions Whois
GeekTools Whois Proxy
Whois Net
  DNS Queries, Checks, Status Info
All Nettools
Multiple DNS Lookup Engine
intoDNS (DNS and Email config tests)
DNSsy (DNS and Email config tests)
DNSgoodies.com (DNS and IP tools)
DNSWatch (DNS and IP tools)
Lookup Server (fwd / rev DNS lookup, etc.)
WebDNSTools (fwd / rev DNS lookup, etc.)
SamDNS (fwd / rev DNS lookup, etc.)
CentralOps NsLookup
ZoneEdit Forward & Reverse Lookups
MX Toolbox (MX lookup)
Squish (DNS traversal checker)
Thednsreport.com (DNS info)
Whois Ping Port Scanner (misc. tools)
DKIM Key Check
Note - many of these are poorly coded, overloaded, and at random times, just plain wrong.
They appear not to be checked by their admins for long periods.
Checking DNS on several of these is recommended, ignoring errors on one or two.
In particular, it is common for reverse (PTR) lookups to fail.
Info Sniper
IP Address Location
Geobytes IP Address Locator
  IP Block Assignments, Routing Info, etc.
Internet Assigned Numbers Authority - IANA
Fixed Orbit (IP address assignment & peering info)
Traceroute.org (List of publicly accessible traceroute sites)
Robtex (IP & routing info)
  Traceroute Sites - Web Access
Tracert.com (multiple worldwide)
Super-Ping (multiple worldwide)
NOC services (New Jersey)
NetPlex (Hartford, CT)
ForeThought.Net (Denver, CO)
Sprintlink (multiple US)
Level3 Communications (multiple worldwide)
Hurricane Electric (multiple worldwide)
Cogent Communications (multiple worldwide)
XO Communications (multiple US)
Telstra (Canberra, Australia)
Australian Network Operators Group
TeliaSonera (Russia)
Zenon.net (Russia)
MAcomnet (Russia)
LinkWan (Beijing, China)
Institute of High Energy Physics (Beijing, China)
delDSL Internet (India)
CTNet (Japan)
TruTeq Wireless (Johannesburg, South Africa)
Vienna Internet Exchange (Vienna)
Voice of America (Washington, DC)
National Technical University of Athens (Athens, Greece)
CentralOps Traceroute
Carleton University (Ottawa)
Tera-Byte.com (Edmonton, Canada)
Cooperativa Telefonica (Argentina)
Consumer.net (New Jersey)
  Traceroute Sites - Public Telnet Access
    (These will launch a local Telnet session)
Global Crossing
Hurricane Electric
Optus (Australia)
  Misc. Info
Internet Corporation Assigned Names and Numbers - ICANN
TCP / UDP Ports - IANA
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